New Cat Food Recall: Wellness :: Free Samples Without SurveysWellness...

New Cat Food Recall: Wellness :: Free Samples Without Surveys
Wellness pet food just announced they are voluntarily recalling certain canned cat foods. Here is a direct link to the recall press release. Tewksbury,
Dr. Carols Naturally Healthy Pets BlogNutro Cat Food Recall ...
Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Carol Osborne, DVM discusses pet food, nutro's cat food recall and. ... Our other cats seem ok with the exception of our female who is 5 years old and her fur seems to have lost some of it's shine not to mention the fact that she does not like this new cat food at all. The food we have (according to the Nutro site) is not on the “affected” list, but this is too coincidental for me. I'm very worried that the cats may have suffered some type of ...
Pet Food Recall: Wellness Canned Cat Food
New recall, this one's from Wellness, due to insufficient levels of thiamine in their canned cat food: WellPet is committed to delivering the very best in pet food nutrition, as nothing is more important than the well-being of our dogs ...
Switching from Iams dry dog and cat food? Fast Food Reviews
Question by art2freeme: Switching from Iams dry dog and cat food? After the recall and checking out the Peta website, I want to switch our food. Our local pet. ... Dont just switch your pets diet abruptly. This may cuase upset stomachs and cause diarrhea. Mix the new food with the old food half and half for at least a week adding more of the new diet the following week. By the third week they should be able to eat the new diet fully without any problems. ...
Your Questions About Cat Food Recalled
I learned today of the cat food recall and my bag is one of the ones affected! If I go to petco will they get me new food or turn me away? Has anyone else tried to return their tainted cat food? Thanks! ...
Your Questions About Cat Food Recalled
With all that in mind, when you are choosing a new cat food, study the ingredients. All ingredients on pet food labels are listed by weight. Meaning whatever is listed first there is more in there. The first ingredients listed should be ...
Your Questions About Cat Food Recalled
Has anyone heard about the new Cat food recall? Just got info about a cat food recall, & thought everyone might want to know about it. This is an Iam's recall ! If you want to read about it..go to ...
Dry Dog Food Recall List Healthy Dog Food
With all this information in mind when choosing a food new cat, the study of ingredients. All ingredients on food labels for pets are listed by weight. Meaning all the ingredients are listed first on the list, it is gone. ...
Your Questions About Pet Food Recall List
With all that information in mind, when you are choosing a new cat food, study the ingredients. All ingredients on pet food labels are listed by weight. Meaning whatever ingredients are listed first on the list, there is more in there. ...
My cat is throwing up & pooping alot (new cat food)?
Iams has had another recall of certain cat foods due to thiamine deficiency. Innova (including Evo) and CA Naturals hasn't yet, but Natura Pet Foods (which makes them) has just been sold to Proctor and Gamble. This is the info, copy/pasted from a newsletter I received:Product Name: Iams ProActive Health canned Cat and Kitten Food - all varieties of 3 oz & 5.5 oz cans Date on Bottom of Can: 09/2011 to 06/2012 This recall is limited to only Iams canned cat food in North America. No other Iams pet food is involved. ------------------------------- Thiamine Deficiency ------------------------------- Some of the signs: generalized weakness salivation ataxia tremors and seizures Treatment would be with an injectable or oral B Vitamin supplement. Concerned pet owners who have purchased canned cat food with these codes should discard it. For further information call P&G toll-free at 877-340-8826. As most of you already know, Natura Pet Foods - maker of Innova, Evo and California Natural - has been sold to Procter and Gamble. As a result of this, we will no longer be carrying these foods. It has been our experience in these situations that the not only will the formulas for these foods be changed, but they will source their ingredients to the cheapest source that they can find, which many times means Asia, etc. By law, they do not have to change the packaging, even if they change all of the ingredients, for a period of 6 months. Now I used Innova and CA Naturals, as well as Wellness canned foods to give variety. I guess it's nothing but Wellness from here on out until I move to raw

Did you hear about the new food recall? Innova, Iams, and California Natural users read?
I have decided to start feeding my kitty wet food 5 times per week and dry twice per week (to make sure she gets a good amount of real meat protein, but still gets some dry food which is good for the teeth)I was at Pet Supermarket today and saw that Nutra packets of wet food were half off! This made them only 32 cents... and according to the ingredients, the main product is real meats, not by products and such. What have your experiences with this food been? I was also considering getting a bag of the dry food. I know there was a recall years ago for a high zinc content, but I'm assuming since it's been a long time, that food is off the shelves and the new ones were corrected. So far my cat seems to enjoy the food, I just want to make sure it's a healthy choice before I go buy their whole stock up! :)(PS They said it is on sale because the company is switching to cans only and they have to get rid of the packets... so buy it up if you like the stuff!)

Nutra Cat Food............?
My cat is almost four. I got him from the humane society at 2 months old. He was neutered. He is declawed in the front only. A few weeks after I adopted him, he became ill. He had a virus and I had to give him medicine and would dissolve it in a gravy pouched food. He still got sick, more and more. He had developed kidney and liver failure and became "mean". He would bite, not play bite. His ears would lay back and his eyes would dilate. Found out the food I gave him was the recalled food and poisoned him. He doesn't bite as much, but chews up everything, literally. He has chewed up clothes, papers, boxes, even tried to eat metal objects. He is on a prescription diet due to the problems he has. He has been eating my brand new curtains. I have tried disciplining him. I have tried the bitter apple stuff, he loves it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to give him back to the humane society as he is use to me and I know he would be put to sleep. He is gray and white and he really is a Handsome" cat. His personality doesn't match. Thank you in advance for your kind suggestions. I have toys that he does eat. I have tried balls and he won't touch them. I even bought a small dog toy he can chew. He wouldn't. If you have a suggestion of some toy that would be safe that I haven't tried, please let me know. He gets really really sick when he eats toys too. Many vet visits for that too. Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I have given him catnip and catnip toys. He eats them too. I recently bought some cat grass for him to eat, wishing that would also cure his eating things that are not edible. He has dry food out all day, but he gets the canned food in the morning and knows that. This cat has more toys than I had as a kid. I got married 9 months ago and there was some adjusting there, but he still eats objects. I am thankful that he at least goes to the bathroom in the litter box.

How to stop a Cat from chewing on everything?
You guys may know from one of my older questions that my cat Sammy was very sick. Well we went on vacation and he started loosing a lot of weight when we got home we weighed like 4 lbs. A couple of years ago he got that sickness from the wet cat food recall. And after that he hasn't been to well. He was about 11 years old, and he had arthritis in his back legs. He'd eat but he couldn't keep it down. Today, he had to be put down ): i am only 12 years old and i've had him my whole life. I have 2 other cats and i know they are very sad also. I was wondering if you guys new any solutions to getting over his death ): ? Thank you.

How do you get over your animals death you've had your whole life ?
I am looking for a great quality food for my Harvie. When I first got him.. He was on the worst cat food out there... Dollar General catfood... dry and moist... He didnt seem to eat it much.. So I decided to buy him Nutro Cat Max and he loved it. Then one day I get an email that Nutro has been recalled. So I return the stuff I have cause Im not sure if it was effected.... trade it in get a new bag that definitely wasnt on the list.... then a few months go by....I need a new bag of food and I look on the Nutro website for recall info and its gone.... Like they are covering up that it didnt happen.. when it did. I then try several foods... right now thats what hes on... a mixture of Meow Mix wholesome Goodness, Healthiful Life Purina and Natural Balance. I thought Natural balance sounded perfect for him... and they test the food for bad stuff in it.... Problem is.... the pieces of food are huge... I did just get the regular in it... I hate that they only sell it at Petco.... I like shopping more at Petsmart.... But will goto Petco if need be. If you have any good stories or horror stories on food please let me hear them..... I really want to find a really good food for Harvie. Also I couldnt make him a raw diet... he is really picky on any moist food and would probably not eat the raw diet that is pre-made either. I cant give him great quality canned food... he Likes Meow Mix Market Selects, Fancy Feast and the Meow Mix WHolesome Goodness canned food. I bought Nutro and a few other premium brands... he would either lick it once or not at all. Please help! thanks

What is the best cat food out there for my Persian cat Harvie... No Iams or Science Diet?
He was on Nutro... I don't trust them since they took the recall info off their website when i needed to check on a new bag of food i bought... So I took the Nutro back... and at the moment he is eating the old Nutro mixed with Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness. Before I switch him to the Meow Mix completely I wanted to figure out if I should feed him something better. Can cats digest corn? I know whole grain corn is the #1 ingredient in the meow mix.... but it wasnt much better if at all better with Nutro. I was going to see about Blue Spa cat food but noticed on Consumer Affairs website that a few cats have died. It seems like a bunch of the premium brands have been recalled and that scares me. I just want to find my cat Harvie a really good food that he deserves without by-products. Please help!! I am adding another persian cat to our family soon and would like to have the food situation taken care of before I get her. Thanks in advance, Teresa

What kind of dry cat food should I feed my Persian cat?
I have two one-year old cats and I feed them dry Meow-Mix Original. Once a week after trimming their nails and brushing their fur, I split a can of wet food between their two bowls for a treat. I was about to purchase a bunch of new wet food at Walmart yesterday, when I decided to go online and find a coupon first. However, I stumbled upon some disturbing reviews about Special Kitty dry food (i. e. recalled food last fall, pets dying). I was wondering if that also applies to Special Kitty wet food? Also as an overall question... Do you think I am feeding my cats properly? Does it hurt them to feed them mostly dry food, but then give them wet food once a week? Is there anything wrong with feeding them Meow Mix? I'll probably ask the vet when I take them in next month, but I was just wondering what the thoughts of this online community are... maybe give me even more questions to ask.

What to feed my cats?
I wrote this story for a school project. It is the story of a dog. I am 13 years old right now but I was 12 when I wrote it. Please, if you have hateful comments, keep them to yourself. The name of this story is "Confined" I believe anyone can say that they would hate to wake up to lonely concrete walls, and an exceedingly uncertain future. It seems peculiar how so many choose that path despite the harsh consequences. And in all of that strange logic, I had been sandwiched in the middle of it for most of my life. Although, I suppose for all those frightful years, I was in a much better position than most. I had a motive almost no one there had, and that was love. That devoted presence I provided, must have been quite helpful to him, Eldon Bryce; a man convicted of murdering a twenty-six year old girl named Jessica Gorton. The jury was exceedingly confident that the data unmistakably pointed to Eldon. Little did they know, I was with Eldon that dark, misty day when Jessica passed away, and all night we were celebrating Eldon’s new profession as a chef. Naturally, there was no evidence that that had truly occurred, as it was just us two that night. And unfortunately, no human back then could understand my barking. In spite of the fact that Eldon had the best lawyer in all of New York, he was pronounced guilty one summer day in August. From then on, I had awful nightmares that haunted me even after I woke up. That was because I knew what my owner’s fate would be. And I certainly knew mine. Revisiting the adoption center was the least of my worries. I was far more concerned with leaving him; Eldon. Normally, a street dog like me at the start of my life would never get too attached to humans. That was because the elders in my family had heard tales of horrific cruelty and desertion. Obviously, they were inclined to share them to warn the other dogs. True, some humans were better than others. But as my mother instructed me, “In the end, they’re all humans, dear. To hurt another living being in such a way is an inexcusable offense,” she would say. “It’s best to stay away from humans all together, to prevent something atrocious.” I respected my mother, and took what she told me in consideration for an awfully long time. Nevertheless, I didn’t completely give up on humans. I watched their docile and also aggressive actions vigilantly. Never approaching them, but also never straying too far. And then there was one day in the frigid winter, when I met a young boy. He was wearing a giant, navy winter jacket and coffee brown slacks. Back then I was just a puppy, and it was the first time I had ever seen such a gentle person. Not only did he feed the birds, he also fed the occasional cat that passed by. Sure, I had seen this behavior before, but this boy was unique. He was genuinely kind to the animals. I gazed at him as he giggled and smiled while he lightly stroked the cats and fed the birds the finest parts of his meal. “Will I get some too if I go over there?” I thought curiously. When you’re a street dog, food is the greatest treasure. I can still recall my family coaching me on how to turn over trash cans and trap rodents. It absolutely was not the idyllic meal for a dog, but whatever kept us alive was good enough. Daringly, I began to leisurely draw near the boy from the raspberry bushes beside him. I wasn’t certain what he would do to me, and I wasn’t too concerned. The food was the prize. At first he didn’t notice me. I had to warily walk in front of him. Though, I never took my eyes of the sandwich, which was dripping with maroon jelly. “Hey…” The boy softly whispered to me. Abruptly I saw his arm out in front of me, his long fingers extended. Whimpering, I shuffled back, prepared to take off if necessary. “It’s alright. I won’t hurt you.” He said. I let him touch my head, but my nerves ultimately got the best of me and I darted back into the bush. The day passed and morning came. The boy came back and sat on the wooden bench where he had before. I retreated from the bush once again and managed to get close to him. I hadn’t eaten in quite a while, so I was rather desperate. I allowed the boy stroke my head, neck, back, and tail. Finally, a piece of sandwich was placed in front of me. I dug in without much thought. “Wow, you’re hungry.” The boy chuckled and patted my head. “How would you like to come home with me? I promise you can eat all the food you want.” And so, I sadly said farewell to my family. However, I did not tell anyone where I was truly going. I feared that my family would have felt tremendous betrayal if I told them the truth. In the first couple days with my new owner, I discovered the significance of friendship, respect, patience, and how much my family was missing out on. I also learned that just because there are some unlucky dogs isorry here is the rest:In the first couple days with my new owner, I discovered the significance of friendship, respect, patience, and how much my family was missing out on. I also learned that just because there are some unlucky dogs in the world, does not mean every dog has to have a cruel fate. Additionally, I learned the name of my owner: Eldon Bryce. Seven years later, one day after Eldon’s trial, I was flabbergasted to learn the new turn of events. For the first time in history, I would be permitted to spend the rest of my life with Eldon Bryce in his jail cell. Some might say it was a miracle, but others could easily argue it was a great misfortune. I certainly would never see a dog toy or a biscuit again, for my entire life. I knew that. But I felt like I needed to return my favor to Eldon; the boy, who saved me from the streets, let me ride in the back seat of his car, took me for walks, and flat out loved me. To me he was everything; a savior of sorts. I owed myTo me he was everything; a savior of sorts. I owed my company to him. Eight years later, on a frosty day in fall, Eldon Bryce died from a seizure. That was my last day in the jail cell. Perhaps, an uncertain future is the fate of a dog like me. But I definitely won’t ever regret confronting Eldon Bryce. Even if meeting him meant spending a large portion of my life confined, I cherished every minute I spent with him.

Do you think my story is good?
I learned today of the cat food recall and my bag is one of the ones affected! If I go to petco will they get me new food or turn me away? Has anyone else tried to return their tainted cat food? Thanks!

Will Petco replace or refund my Nutro dry cat food?
I don't feed dry food to my cats but I got this info off a pet site and wanted to pass it on in case anyone is feeding them this food. http://www. nutroproducts. com/